Sell Your Beach Home Fast

30-Day Plan to Sell Your Beach Home Fast

Ready, Set, Go:

Time to Sell Your Beach Home

Before you list your beach home, take some time to prepare it. A few minor touch-ups can make a big difference in impressing potential buyers and closing a deal quickly. Walk through your home as if you were a buyer and take notes on what needs repair or replacement. Follow this 30-day plan to get your home ready for sale, one step at a time. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'll be checking in throughout the 30 days.

Day 1: Change Light Bulbs and Update Light Fixtures

Replace any burnt-out light bulbs and consider updating old light fixtures. Bright, modern lighting can make your home more appealing to buyers.

Day 2: Prepare the Paperwork

Gather important documents like utility bills, tax records, renovation details, warranties, mortgage information, surveys, and rental contracts. Buyers and agents will ask for these.

Day 3: Make an Extra Set of Keys

Prospective buyers and their agents will need access to your home, so make an extra set of keys.

Day 4: Get Packing Supplies

Invest in boxes and duct tape to help with decluttering. Consider renting a POD storage locker to move items out of the house.

Day 5: Tackle the Bathrooms

Remove personal toiletries and invest in new white towels and accessories. Replace any worn-out toilet seats, shower curtains, or bath mats.

Day 6: Declutter the Kitchen

Clear countertops of appliances and clean out cupboards, fridge, and oven. Make the kitchen appear spacious and organized.

Day 7: Update the Bedrooms

Clean and declutter bedrooms, invest in a neutral duvet cover and new pillows, and remove personal items. Clean out closets and add an area rug if needed.

Day 8: Refresh the Living Room

Clean furniture, add new throw pillows, and hide clutter. Consider an area rug to tie the room together.

Day 9: Make the Dining Room Inviting

Remove clutter from the dining table and hutch. Reupholster chairs if needed and use a new tablecloth.

Day 10: Organize the Garage

Declutter, clean, and organize the garage to make it look spacious.

Day 11: Sort Items

Decide what to store, donate, or throw away to reduce clutter.

Day 12: Clean Closets and Storage Areas

Pack away unnecessary items from closets and storage areas. Buyers will inspect these spaces.

Day 13: Improve the Entrance

Make the entrance clean, decluttered, and inviting. Store away excess shoes and coats.

Day 14: Depersonalize Your Home

Remove family photos, collections, and personal souvenirs to help buyers envision themselves in your home.

Day 15: Take a Break

Take a day off to relax.

Day 16: Paint Touch-Ups

Repaint rooms with neutral colors, including baseboards and ceilings, to freshen up your home.

Day 17: Make Necessary Repairs

Fix any outstanding repairs, such as leaky faucets or holes in walls. Hire a handyman if needed.

Day 18: Clean Windows

Clean all windows to let in maximum light and enhance the view.

Day 19: Enhance Curb Appeal

Improve curb appeal by cleaning the front door, updating the porch, and adding seasonal plants.

Day 20: Tidy the Backyard

Clean up the backyard to make it presentable, regardless of the season.

Day 21: Clean Carpets

Steam clean carpets to remove stains and odors.

Day 22: Clean Floors

Deep clean all floors and use products to make them look new.

Day 23: Clean Walls and Doors

Use Magic Erasers on scuffed walls and doors. Update art if necessary.

Day 24: Final Cleaning

Consider hiring professional cleaners for a thorough final clean.

Day 25: Plan for Kids and Pets

Make arrangements to keep kids' toys and pets out of sight during showings.

Day 26: Staging Day

If you're working with a professional stager, they'll arrange furniture and accessories to showcase your home’s best features.

Day 27: Eliminate Odors

Clean all areas where pets sleep and use Febreze on everything. Consider using candles or air fresheners.

Day 28: Final Check

Do a final walkthrough to ensure everything looks perfect.

Day 29: Professional Photography

Schedule a professional photographer to capture your home in its best light. This includes a 360-degree tour and video if you work with us.

Day 30: Final Touches

Review the listing details and prepare for showings. Make sure everything is in order and ready for potential buyers.

The Final Once-Over

You've worked hard, and now it's time to step back and admire your work. How does it look? Most people say their house has never looked better than it does right before they sell. Now for the hard part: Don’t. Touch. Anything.

This 30-day plan can be adjusted to fit your needs. Follow these steps to sell your beach home fast and for the best price!

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