Redington Shores Market Update

Redington Shores Real Estate Update: Market Trends and Opportunities

Nestled along the pristine Gulf Coast of Florida, Redington Shores is a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of coastal living and convenience. As of March 2024, the real estate market in Redington Shores has seen intriguing shifts. Whether you're a prospective homebuyer or a seasoned investor, these trends could reveal valuable opportunities. Let's explore the latest data and what it means for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Closed Sales and Dollar Volume

Closed sales in Redington Shores reached eight, marking a 14% increase from last year. However, the dollar volume took a downturn, totaling $5.17 million, which is a 19% decrease year-over-year. Despite fewer high-ticket transactions, the increase in closed sales suggests consistent demand, particularly in moderately priced properties.

Average Sale Price: A Notable Decline

The average sale price fell to $646,250, representing a 29% drop compared to a year ago. This notable reduction may open doors for budget-conscious buyers eager to enter the market or for investors looking to acquire multiple properties. Bargain hunters could find their dream homes at attractive price points.

Active Inventory: A Surge in Supply

With 53 active listings, the market's inventory saw a significant boost, surging 165% from the previous year. This influx offers buyers more choices and bargaining power, potentially encouraging competitive pricing strategies among sellers.

New Listings and Pending Sales: Rising Opportunities

Seventeen new listings were introduced, showcasing an impressive 183% increase from last year. Moreover, the number of new pending sales rose to eight, a 60% improvement. Such data points to growing activity in Redington Shores, indicating that sellers remain optimistic and buyers are actively engaging.


The Redington Shores real estate market is seeing a blend of positive trends and challenges, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. The fall in the average sale price may appeal to new buyers, while the increase in listings provides a wider selection. As demand remains steady, this coastal gem continues to attract those looking for a tranquil lifestyle and sound investment opportunities.

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