8 Must-Have Features for a Dreamy Beachfront Deck

Must haves for a great deck

Designing a deck for your beachfront property is exciting, but with the current trends in outdoor living spaces, the job might seem daunting at first. Before you put down a single deck board or look at outdoor kitchens, take a look at these 8 must-have features for a dreamy beachfront deck.

1. Make sure the deck compliments your home’s exterior

Your deck should be an extension of your home, so be sure to design it with care and attention. An outdoor living space can be just as creative, comfortable, and beautiful as any space you have inside your home.

2. Think of a deck that can last year-round

Yes, we get beautiful warm weather here in North Carolina, but there are nights when the air is a little crisp. Prepare your deck for chilly nights by installing infrared heaters, a fire pit, or a covered structure like an awning so that if it’s stormy outdoors, you can still relax on your deck with a glass of wine from one of Myrtle Beach’s best wineries. Plus, an awning will protect you from the sun’s harsh UV rays and keep your furniture from fading.

3. Create an outdoor living room

Transform your deck into an outdoor living room — a functional, yet comfortable and relaxing space. Install a mounted television or built-in cabinet for entertainment. Complete the look with glass railings for unobstructed views.

4. Deck furniture

Choose stylish and comfortable furniture for your outdoor space. Built-in furniture is popular with benches along the railings and plush pillows, you’ll have ample seating for any size gathering. Just add in a nice throw rug and you’ve created a distinct outdoor room and maximized your lounging space.

5. Protection from bugs

If you prefer an open deck, you must arm yourself against mosquitoes and other bugs for your comfort and that of your guests. Consider a mosquito misting system to protect against those blood-sucking pests. Citronella candles, marigold plants, and fans also keep mosquitoes away.

6. Outdoor cooking

It's not a dream deck if you don’t have space for an outdoor grill or kitchen. Outdoor cooking spaces are all the rage these days and are perfect for entertaining. Why heat up your house by cooking inside when you can literally cook on the beach? Consider installing a gas line outdoors for easy grilling.

7. Lighting

Say goodbye to traditional lighting and tiki torches and hello to solar options. Decks that include outdoor kitchens should have under-the-counter lighting which you can add by simply installing LED strip lights under the countertop edges.

Post-cap lights will also enhance the look and feel of your deck. These softly lit ring lights add a touch of elegance to railing posts while providing the perfect illumination. Don’t forget to brighten the path for any visitors walking to your deck. Finally, riser lights are an attractive, yet subtle addition to the steps of your deck to prevent stumbles and ensure safe navigation.

8. Smart deck features

Nearly everything runs on a smartphone or app these days, so there’s no reason why you cannot turn your outdoor living space into a smart deck. With the push of a button or click of an app, you can control the music, television, heating, gas features, and lighting on your deck. This convenience will help ensure that you are just as comfortable outdoors as you are inside your home.

If this is the year that you finally take the plunge and build your dream deck, there are a lot of options and choices to consider. With careful planning and using these tips, you can create a beautiful outdoor space you’ll love for years to come.

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